beauty corner: i like my mascara as black as my coffee

YSL The Shock mascara

If you know me well, it is probably no secret that I love coffee. It is a beverage I drink every day & I make sure I buy only good quality coffee. It is very important to me that it is brewed well and I love the dark colour it gets when I leave for a couple of minutes to sit. Yes, I do drink it with some milk, but I believe that a nice preparation of the base - black coffee - makes all the difference.

Anyway, this post is not about my obsession with coffee, I might do another one, which would be dedicated only to that one day, haha. Today I wanted to write about a new mascara I tried recently. It is high end and it is from YSL.

I have heard only good things before about their mascaras and that they are definitely worth the price tag. This one is no exception, I can tell you that right away. It is super black, which is very important to me. It is also lengthening and gives you a lot of volume.

However, I did find it difficult to get accustomed to a straight wand because before I used Lancome’s Grandiose and found it super useful to have a bended wand in order to reach all the little eyelashes in the inner and outer corners. Still I believe, the YSL mascara does its job really well as the brush has a unique shape. The ends of the wand are wider and bigger than the middle, so with that it is easy to grab and brush all the eyelashes.

Lastly, the packaging of it is just simply beautiful. Even though I expected it to be all gold as the box suggests, I really loved the pink and black combination. So photogenic and would look super pretty on anyone’s makeup up table!