beauty corner: foundation

Hello again lovely people!

Another Thursday - another new little topic on my blog. Don't worry, Thursday spot, where I talk about my favourite cafes and restaurants will be continued but since it is not going to be every Thursday, I decided to leave this day of the week for various posts other than outfit ones. Therefore, this week let me talk little bit about beauty things.

As almost every girl out there, I'm very into beauty and I love putting on make up. That's why I decided to re-introduce a beauty corner here on Fashion Frame. These post will be occasional ones, I'm turning into full on beauty blogging here, I still love styling outfits way more than foundations and lipsticks, but I have acquired a collection of different products, so why not share some opinions here and there?

So, let's start with some basics of make-up - foundation. I was lucky enough to be send some of these to try out, so I'l gladly report on them. FYI, my skin is normal, T zone tends to go oily throughout the day and I always look for yellow toned foundations, pinky ones just don't work for me at all.

  1. PUPA Like a Doll
    The texture of this screams spring to me - it's so lightweight and lovely, but yet gives good coverage - I was very amazed by it. The lasting power is also good but don't expect for it to last 12 hour day, it is a light foundation, so it doesn't look as good after 5-6 hours worth of wear. Unfortunately, I was only able to test it inside since the sample colour was waaaay too dark for me. Sad times.

  2. Make up factory oil free foundation
    It is a very good foundation for oily skin since it's oil free. Feels quite light on the skin and covers well although I always use a separate concealer if I have big spots. It's not super dewy, more on the matt side of things but that way it stays put longer. The colour was a tad too dark but I used it by mixing it in with another foundation. Btw, you can always do that with foundations and create your perfect shade.

  3. BEYU 24hour perfect finish foundation
    This is the one to go if you want flawless base, which will last for a longer period of time. Again it's not a super dewy one, but being more matt let's it stay perfect for hours. However, the colour ran a little bit too pink for my liking so I only mixed it with another foundation in order to wear it out. I'd say go with this one for evenings and events and opt for something lighter during the day - it's spring after all!

  4. L'Oreal True Match
    The Holy Grail of foundations is this range. They have every colour and tone available and I absolutely adore that about it. I wear colour W1 Golden Ivory, which unfortunately is not sold in Lithuania (I'm too pale for this country apparently) but I find ways to get my hands on it - you can buy it via! So, this foundation is very natural looking, glowy one that blends in like a dream. They have reformulated it recently and I must say I'm so happy about it. The older version was a bit difficult to blend but this one is just perfect. I wish though that it lasted longer on my skin - I say it looks the best for 5 hours or so. However, the fact that this colour matches me so well makes it all worth it.