beauty corner: favourite nail polishes

nail polishes - &Other Stories, KIKO, Avon

&Other Stories

If you asked me what is my favourite nail polish brand, I would have to say &Other stories. I only own two nail polishes from then since it’s pretty difficult to get hold off them in Lithuania, but damn, they are good. The formula glides on very smoothly and the brush is perfect not get the polish all over your cuticles (it has happened to the best of us, I bet). Also, this formula just doesn’t dry out - I’ve had the grey one for years now and it is still as good as new. I will be picking up some more shades whenever I have chance to step into that store (and I will probably pick some other stuff too, whoops).

Kiko in 227

My oldest nail polish I think is this deep burgundy one. I absolutely love the colour of it and it hasn’t dried out a bit in all these years, which are the reasons why it made it to this top post. However, there are some thing that I don’t quite enjoy about it. First of all, it is a bitch to get off. It doesn’t matter if I wear a base coat or not, my fingers, cuticles and even hands sometimes turn pink after the removal process. My trick for this is to go an have a long hot shower or bath afterwards, somehow, it makes almost all the residue go away. Secondly, I don’t really like the brush - it is squared while I prefer rounded ones for the precise application this dark colour requires.
Despite all of these things, I do love this polish still and whip it out every autumn or in the summer time to wear on my toes.

Avon in Barely there

I just recently got this nail polish, it was very cheap and to be honest, I didn’t expect anything of it. I bought a very nude colour, so I assumed that it might be hard to apply and it will be streaky + I will need at least 3 coats to get it to be opaque. I have never been so wrong!
This polish amazed from the first application since I almost thought I will only need one layer of it to be opaque - can you believe? However, I still needed 2 coats, but that’s the same amount I need for almost every colour and formula out there since I just suck at doing my manicure, haha. Also, I love how it is super shiny a la gel finish and easy it was to apply it considering that the shape of a brush wasn’t rounded (which is my absolutely favourite). All in all, I really enjoyed this Avon polish and I will be buying more colours of it for sure!