a beauty box from Loverte

As almost every girl in the universe, I love beauty products and especially, I love discovering new brands and trying out various types of things. Yes, I do have so many of them, but the excitement is never shadowed by that, let me assure you. So, when I found out that there is a website that sells famous brands like L’Oreal, Clarins, YSL, Baptiste, Clinique, various Korean brands, as well as smaller brands that I have never heard before, it all made me very very excited.

So, Loverte is the aforementioned website that combines all those brands and more, plus it is super easy to buy from. They also have translated their website to Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian, English, Russian & Finnish languages, which I think is impressive and makes it very easy to shop!

There are so many things on their website, so it was difficult to choose what I wanted to try, but I managed to tone it down to a few brands that I love and I have never tried before, which was the best part about this! Let’s get down to what I got, shall we?

YSL Touche éclat gift set: who doesn’t love a bit of YSL in their lives? I sure do and I am super excited to finally try their cult product - touch éclat. It also comes with a tiny eye make up remover + a brightening primer and knowing my love for minis, these are just the cutest little things.

Clarins Jolie Rouge gift set: I have been in love with Clarins Instant Natural Lip Perfectors for a while, so having two little mini versions of them was a no brainer, also, I always wanted to try their lip oil and let me tell you, it lives up to the hype - love putting it on before going to bed, super hydrating! Lastly, this gift set also comes with s full size lipstick, which is super hydrating + who doesn’t love that yourlipsbutbetter kind of shade?

Baptiste dry shampoo: as a person who tries to not to wash my hair very often, so use dry shampoos quite often. Baptiste was the first ever dry shampoo I tried and I never looked back. It works really well, they have variety of scents and I was amazed that Loverte had some special scents that are not available in Lithuanian drugstores. Score!

Lowengrip deodorant & lip balm: I have never tried this brand before, but I love their packaging - who doesn’t love pink?

L’Oreal True Match concealer: True Match has been my favorite foundation for years, so when I saw that True Match concealer was available to order, I almost screamed! Sometimes it really sucks that some of most popular L’Oreal products are not available in Lithuanian drugstores. Anyway, the concealer is perfect as I anticipated - super happy with this choice!

The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzing Powder: as a long time lover of The Balm’s Mary Lou-Manizer highlighter, I was always interested in trying more of their products and it so happened that I recently finished my two bronzers that I was using for years (so happy to finish them, by the way - it happens to rarely with these types of products!), therefore it was only fair to give Bahama Mama a chance! I haven’t properly used it yet, but as far as I heard - it should be pretty amazing!

This is it for now, I will come back with an outfit post very soon!